True Originals

8 maart 2017

This article is about the party True Originals, a party created by bartender for bartenders and cocktail enthusiast. Their is more to read about the latest party they had. “The Blockbuster edition” where my Breakaway bartenders brought their A game.

Cocktails anyone?

Breakaway bartender Rick True Originals

If you like cocktails and a good time, this is a party you must go to. This monthly party takes place in cocktail bar George located at the Lijnbaan 36 in Rotterdam. This party is known as True Originals, created by bartenders for their colleagues and other cocktail enthusiasts. The bartenders that organise the party are well respected cocktail shakers in the Dutch cocktail scene. They go by the names of Dyon Seedorf, Salvo Calvo and Breakaway’s own Rick de Groot.


The concept of the party is that every edition has a theme. Every edition is hosted by bartenders from different cocktail bars in Rotterdam. Each host has one hour shifts were they take over the bar and represent their own establishment. With their own entertainment and signature cocktails, made with Bacardi spirits. The aim of the party is to bring the local cocktail scene together in a laidback atmosphere where they can unwind and enjoy some good cocktails. And of course they can dance and laugh with people that share the same passion. As a frequent guest of the True Originals party it’s obvious that the concept is a great success, every edition is getting more crowded!

Breakaway bartender Younes True OriginalsBLOCKBUSTER EDITION

The last edition of True Originals took place two weeks ago on Sunday 19th of February. With January & February being the international Rotterdam film festival months of the year, the last edition of True Originals was dedicated to the biggest Blockbusters of the last decades. It started out with the cocktail shakers of 1nul8, followed by the Breakaway shakers and the closing was done by The Suicide Club. The two bartenders that stood there for my bar the Breakaway café were Rick de Groot and Younes Bouhaddane and man they really represented The Breakaway café in a good way ;). The movie they choose was Ghost Busters. In my opinion they gave the definition of guest bartending a whole new meaning. By not only putting on their A game of bartending but also entertaining their guests with a little show.


Don’t forget bartenders are not only drink makers but also entertainers especially Breakaway bartenders. The main goal of one of my bartender at the Breakaway is to try to exceed the expectations of their guest in their own way maybe by shaking a perfect cocktail, cracking a joke or flipping some bottles. It all comes down to one thing: when the guest leaves the bar, he or she will remember the bartender and have a story to tell a friend.

But back to True Originals. As soon as their shift started you knew that the Breakaway was in the building and all eyes were on the bar. They took everybody by surprise, by marching in on theme song of the Ghost Busters and spraying everybody with their slime guns, it was hilarious. Their signature cocktail was a twist on Gin basil smash which was called “Slimers revenge” the green character in the movie Ghostbusters. To get a better idea of what they did take a look at pictures.

The next edition will take place in March and our Breakaway bartenders will be there again! So keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information. Be there for the next edition so you can see and taste what the Rotterdam shakers can offer you. And off course special thanks goes to Mr. Verkijk for capturing the moments on pictures. You are the real M.V.P. ;).

You’re favorite bartender,

Mad Mick

Cheers! 😉

Breakaway bartenders Rick & Younes True Originals              Breakaway bartenders having some fun True Originals