13 november 2017
NYE - Ultimate Frat Party at Mad Mick's Breakaway

NYE – Ultimate Frat Party The Ultimate Frat Party 2018 is almost here and I’m going to College! Starting [...]

7 november 2017
Christmas Cocktails at Breakaway

Try one of our christmas cocktails for only 6.5 Rudolfs Helper Jack Daniel’s | Amaretto | a hint of Orange [...]

31 oktober 2017
Breakaway Salsa Night - End of the season edition

Breakaway Salsa Night “End of the season edition 29 november” This will be the last Breakaway Salsa Night of [...]

10 oktober 2017
Interview with Jägermeister

Boom! Here is the interview our manager Rick de Groot did for the @Jägermeister #hubertuscircle including an [...]

9 oktober 2017
Halloween Horror Movie Night

Halloween: Horror Movie Night! All those horror movies that gave you nightmares are coming alive in my bar! [...]

9 oktober 2017
MADMICK SINGS! karaoke night!

Karaoke at Breakaway Karaoke night in my bar! Join me to sing the night away! Tell your friends [...]