Good Water for Make-A-Wish

4 september 2019

Good water for Make-A-Wish

Contribute to an unforgettable day with your unforgettable night out! So water you waiting for? Order a bottle for 1 euro, and support Make-A-Wish. The entire profit of the Good Water promotion will benefit this charity. EtenBij is aiming to make a difference in the precious life of a child with your donations.

At Breakaway Café you can enjoy your time carefree. Around 1200 children in the Netherlands fall ill each year, so their young lives sadly are not as carefree as should be. Together with Make-A-Wish we can lift their spirit by fulfilling their desired dream day.


Seeing their wish come true, boosts the confidence and hope of ill children. Make-A-Wish is able to make the dearest dreams of 650 children come to life annually with the help of volunteers, parents, and hospitals. With your donation that number can grow even more. So, raise your glass, and let’s raise some money for the kids!

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