The Breakaway cafe story

When Breakaway cafe opened in December 1993 it was immediately a huge success. I wanted a bar were you can go and feel at home, enjoy a perfect served cocktail, combined with a classic American dinner, a place to play pool and have a party all this under one roof. Twenty four years later, this vision remains intact. Many people from all over the world have enjoyed our service and hospitality since then. We are the first “Flair”Cocktail bar in the Netherlands and are considered as one of the best bars in its category. Order a cocktail and before you know it, bottles, glassware and cocktail shakers fly into the air doing double Rittbergers and pirouettes.

CocktailsBreakaway cafe is unique in the fact that we combine all these things together and our goal is then to give you the best experience! Big artists such as ZZ Top (you can find their autographs on the 1947 Harley Davidson in the centre of the bar), Shoala Ama and the late Herman Brood have honored us with their visit and have complimented us on our choice of music, the quality of our Cocktails and our relaxed atmosphere.

To maintain our high standards and to live up to the demands of today’s modern guests, Breakaway Café was re-styled in August 2004. Take a good look around and see our authentic decoration from the 50’s and 60’s mixed with today’s electronics, while our musical time machine takes you back in time. Can’t wait to get a impression of my bar Click here.

Your favorite bartender,

Mad Mick