Cocktails by Mick

My cocktails are top notch and you can choose from over 100 different cocktails! To easily walk through the menu, I’ve created taste profiles. As soon as you open the menu you see that each taste profile has been given a color. So that you can easily find the cocktail that suits you best! If you still don’t know what to order just ask any of my staff members and they will be more than happy to help you discover your new favorite cocktail! If you are already familiar to the Cocktailscocktail scene I also serve complex cocktails, to tickle your senses. Small tip, I believe in the saying: “BIGGER is BETTER”. So just ask any  staff member  if you can upsize your cocktail to an Ultimate and double your pleasure, it will be  twice the fun, half the price!

Check out the Mad Mick’s Breakaway drinks menu (PDF) to get an better idea of our serves, it includes taste profiles and the description of the recipe!