4 september 2019
Good Water for Make-A-Wish

Good water for Make-A-Wish Contribute to an unforgettable day with your unforgettable night out! So water you waiting [...]

7 juni 2019
Menu Update Breakaway

Mick’s menu has been updated. When will you come and try our new burgers?

14 mei 2019
New @ Breakaway: Tap Table

We have a new Tap Table @ My Bar. Perfect for groups up to +-8 persons! More information or [...]

22 april 2019
Breakaway Salsa Night

Hola chicos y chicas! Every month @ Breakaway, Salsa Night.    Latest events: https://www.elyoyo.nl/nl/[...]

15 januari 2019
Mad Mick's Themed Saturdays

– Every last Saturday of the month from 8 p.m. – Follow us on Facebook & Instagram & be updated [...]

15 januari 2019
Student Night

Breakaway Student Night! – Show your valid Student ID & get a Discount! – Every Last Thursday -&[...]